dvd handling procedure

SASEL’S DVDS are exceptional as they not just covers ever word and line from the textbook but also explains the same with splendid 2D/3D animations.


Before reading a lesson, our DVDs would show, in crystal clear terms, the duration within which we could learn, in minutes and seconds.

Rewind / Fast Forward Facility

The page which is presently being studied from can be re-studied with just a click on a ‘rewind’ button. If the student wishes to jump to another chapter or revise some other topic then all they need to do is to use the Fast Forward Facility. It is as simple and fun as watching a movie.

Tamil and English Button

The DVD enables the student to learn in his/her desired language. Children whose primary language is not the language of instruction in school are more likely to score less.

SASEL solved this problem by adding a unique feature in the DVD, i.e., option to switch languages. The lessons are taught, defined and elucidated by the Teachers and Professors who have the best tonal clarity. If the student so desires, they can click the language button & refer to the translation. Both audio and subtitles of the definition of the respective topic will simultaneously appear in Tamil (or) English. For CBSE syllabus in English, Hindi & Other Regional language (3 language option)

Tamil – English Combined Facility

In situations where a student feels like learning every paragraph of the chapter (by switching over) in Tamil as well as in English then all he/she needs to do, is to click on the T/E button. Every paragraph of the text will be taught interchangeably.

Pagewise / Filewise

This feature allows a student to easily shift from one page to another whenever he or she wants to do so. All they have to do is to type out the required Page Number and press the ‘ENTER’ button. One can find the required page in a second and start reading/learning.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Chapter wise FAQs are listed questions and answers, all are commonly asked in some context or another in exams, and pertaining to a particular topic/from particular chapter.

SASEL contains its own set of chapter wise FAQs that covers 2 marks to 10 marks questions in English as well as in regional languages (preferred by the student) with suitable explanation through pictures and animations.


Unlike dictionaries, which are more general collections of words, glossaries concern themselves with terms that will enhance one’s comprehension of a certain topic.

SASEL’s Glossary facility provides definitions to every word found difficult to understand in textbook with pictures and animations and animations and the relevant explanations in English and vernacular.


The new World’s best Technology to convert all students to Score 100% marks in all subjects and everyday digital exam practice. Most students find exams enormously stressful and that leads to compromising with good performance. Students often know the information, but are so anxious that they can’t summon it for the exam. The one solution to such a problems is everyday ‘Practice’ exams.

SASEL introduces this new-fangled Quiz method in which every student can conduct a self evaluation exam, on every lesson learnt. It is the best way through which students can climb the ladders to perfection as the quiz won’t let you proceed with other questions unless and until you answer every question correctly, be it 10, 20 or 30 times.

What will be the result of such practice?

100/100 marks!
We created hundreds of one mark question for each chapter with the help of our expert teachers. For all the questions and answers are explained with pictures.