A . Yes, the duration of each lesson will be shown in minutes and seconds before the start.

A. Yes, you can rewind and fast forward at any point during the lesson. Just like in a movie, you can use the relevant buttons to move forward or back through the lesson to any point. You can also skip chapters.

A . Study material can be viewed in multiple languages. For TN State Board the content is available in  English or Tamil on the same DVD. Use the ‘language’ button to switch between Tamil and English. The T/E button plays the video in both languages, alternating the languages, one after the other for each line.

For CBSE syllabus, the content is available in English, Hindi, Tami, Telugu and Kannada languages.

A . Yes, you can go to any specific page of your choice by entering the page number and pressing ‘ENTER’ in the box.

A. Yes, Commonly asked questions or frequently asked questions are listed, sorted based on chapters and topics. There is also an exhaustive list of questions covering 2 mark questions to 10 marks questions from each chapter.

A . Each chapter has its own glossary which explains terms and concepts that appear in the chapter. Unlike dictionaries which are limited to the meanings of words, glossaries explain the terms with visuals and animations so that it is easier to understand the concepts in the context of the chapter.

A. SASEL understands the importance of everyday practice to boost performance in examinations. Examinations are stressful and often prevents students from doing their best because of performance anxiety. Everyday practice is the solution for this. SASEL’s quiz method allows students to conduct self-evaluation tests, at their convenience and as many times as they wish. These quizzes aim at perfection as they do not let you move on to other questions until you answer all questions correctly, no matter how many attempts it takes to get it 100% right.