Innovative Educational Concept

Conceived in 2003, 100% Magic Teachers, an innovative educational concept is immensely popular with students today. Employing 2D/3D animations, videos, voice and music to explain course content, with all new revolutionary approach takes every student to a level where scoring 100% is fully possible in all subjects.

100% Marks for all students in all subjects.

Our innovative teaching methodology puts forth an audio-visual experience that entices students to discover more about the subject and assimilate everything that is put out before them. Once they start watching the contents of a  lesson, they cannot stop till they reach the end.  

Just like in a movie, the mind retains the concepts that are explained with the help of visuals and music. And when course subjects are taught like that, students never forget what they learn, leading to 100% marks in every exam, every time.

Welcome to the new revolutionary e-Learning !

Exclusive content, developed by experts.

All our courses are based purely on the prescribed and updated syllabus. The courses are put together by a team of expert educationists. They are well presented through crisp and clear videos, animations, graphics and music that help to explain difficult concepts in simple audio-visual sequences.

100% Magic Teachers – Features

The well augmented courseware, presents salient features comprising :

  • Preface
  • Duration of the courseware
  • Total number of files, topics and points-to-remember
  • Bi-lingual presentation with choice to select language
  • FAQs related to the subject(s), explained with quality animation
  • Glossary
  • Quiz